Hi, I’m Andrew.

I have been fascinated by by genre fiction my entire life, and I have been writing it for my entire adult life. My stories are inspired by melatonin-fueled dreams about what life would be like if I were more interesting, and asinine pinpricks of fantasy tropes that bother me and only me (and maybe you.)

I spent the summer rewriting part of a novel I didn’t like the ending of, and am currently dancing between finishing the second part, or any assortment of stories I have saved to Scrivener right now.

I tend to write more historical fiction than I mean to, but this is only because, when writing about time travel and magic, I find it best to have rules to play with, rather than none at all.

When I am not found around Vancouver abusing Starbucks’ refill policy, I can sometimes be found performing the same few pages of the same draft over and over. I like podcasts just about as much as I do putting words in front of my face.