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After a discovery of Latin, Greek and Celtic words, names and symbols are unearthed at Tintagel Castle in north Cornwall, Madeleine C.M. Maycott accepts a job that takes her back to where she went to school, and became an adult. If finding a very interesting mirror is not enough to make her day, she also finds herself trapped with a talking bird inside a library of near-infinite catalogue sure will.

While Maddy is treads through "one of the most revolutionary events in English history" to find how all this magic started, Éléonore Mailloux is forraging through the history of the Sisters of Wellspring and to find out where it went, and who kept it there.

Together, two best friends of old will try their best to put their degrees to good use, and unravel the mystery behind who has been keeping the most fascinating parts of the world from the rest of it; find out what King Henry VIII was really doing with the Dessolution of the Monasteries, find out who made the Dark Ages so dark, and which legends are more than just legends.

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Andrew Littler

After surviving an accident with the business-end of a sedan, I have spent the past decade or two working on my recovery through writing. I have been writing genre fiction for years, and have been reading genre fictions for years more.

When I am not working on one book, I am brainstorming another over a Caramel Macchiato at my local Starbucks and researching the shape of magic. When I am not studying the speed of historic forms of transportation, I am theorizing about interdimentional deities. When I am not writing a story, I am planning one, or brainstorming one.

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